The Colorado Health Foundation recently awarded Child and Migrant Services (CMS), a Palisade based
non-profit, a $375,000 grant for capacity-building. This grant is unprecedented in the organization’s
68-year history. The grant will further the organization’s work in pursuit of its mission “To serve,
empower, and cultivate the well-being of migrant and immigrant agricultural workers and their
families in the Grand Valley”

The grant will support the development of policies and practices that promote racial equity and
opportunity across all aspects of the organization. It will also provide for the development of a
community engagement model to develop grassroots leadership amongst the migrant and immigrant
communities. This will allow members of these communities to take on integral roles in the decision-
making processes and governance of CMS, building upon the base already created by CMS having
100% of its staff being Latinx with lived immigration experience. CMS will also use grant funding to
complete resource development plan with the goal of diversifying revenue streams, ensuring long-
term organizational sustainability.

Sean Dollard, Program Officer with the Colorado Health Foundation, offered this comment regarding
CMS and the grant:
““For more than a half century, Child and Migrant Services has been a beacon of hope for Latinx
immigrant farmworkers, their families and children to bolster pathways to health equity. For the first
time, CMS is led by a visionary leader of color who shares the experience, culture, and identity of
communities they exist to serve. This powerfully demonstrates their steadfast commitment to
advancing health equity and racial justice for communities facing unfair barriers to quality health and
lives in which they can thrive. The Colorado Health Foundation couldn’t be prouder to galvanize multi-
year support for CMS’ vision and have little doubt that this investment will help fuel pathways to equity, justice, and opportunity for migrant farmworkers, their families, and the broader grassroots
racial justice-centered community.”

CMS understands the immense contribution that migrant and immigrant farmworkers make to the Grand Valley,
both economically and from a cultural perspective. This grant will assist CMS in empowering the farmworkers
and in raising their voices, engaging them in a manner that not only accelerates equity and justice for them but
that also creates a richer and more diverse community for all.