Labor Day has come and gone. It was a workday like many others this summer for a good number of farmworkers, with triple-digit temperatures and smoke from distant forest fires hanging heavy in the air. The following day, a major cold front suddenly swept into the area and workers had to protect themselves from the cold and rain. The grape harvest is gearing up just as the last of the late-season peaches that managed to survive April’s freeze are being harvested.

CMS will continue to offer a weekly Wednesday meal from 4-6 pm (or until food runs out) to workers and families during September and beyond as long as demand remains strong. We have served more than 100 people each week during the height of the harvest season. On August 26, we counted a total of 184 meals served, a record for us!

Thanks to many generous donors, we are continuing to provide workers who face financial hardship with resources to assist them with medical bills, rent payment and other immediate needs.