The Board of Directors of Child and Migrant Services, together with our Executive Director, met on February 19, 2022 to review and revise CMS’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, and Five year Strategic Plan.  We were guided by Rick Adelman as our facilitator.  The Board is proud to announce the new Mission Statement for CMS:

To serve, empower, and cultivate the wellbeing of migrant and immigrant  agricultural workers

and their families in the Grand Valley.

Next we developed our Vision Statement. 

We envision an inclusive community where immigrants and migrants are valued, respected, and have equal opportunity.

Next the Board began the task of mapping out a Strategic Plan for the next three to five years.  This process will be ongoing and goals and objectives will be developed and implemented as resources and time allow.  We will be mindful of including input and participation from the people we serve and congruence with our Mission and Vision.  

The Board welcomes input from our friends and stakeholders in developing, refining and implementing our Strategic Plan.  We would also like to again express our appreciation to Rick Adelman for his guidance in this process, and to our many friends for their past and continuing support of Child and Migrant Services.

If you would like to participate in our Strategic planning please us to [email protected] or leave a voice message 970-464-5226.