Any day is a great day to donate to the “Hands that harvest our crops” in our beautiful Grand Valley. Farm workers are a critical component of the 22 million dollar fruit production sector of our local economy.  Together we will continue to build up, strong and united as one community. Child and Migrant Services is honored to be able to serve our essential seasonal and temporary farm workers  year round due to the generous contribution of people like you.

Thank you for your donation and for trusting  our mission and work.
In 2022, Child and Migrant Services:
  • Collaborated with one of our  local clinics to vaccinate more than 100 workers
  • Provided once a week hot meals to workers from May to the end of August.
  • We continue our tamale sale program in order to fund other programs.
  • We connected workers to other services like Tax services and Community Food bank.
During holidays we coordinated our Annual Adopt a family (Gift ) Program, that sponsor 40 families for a total of 102 Children.

With your help Child and Migrant Services will continue to advocate, facilitate, empower and build community for Farm workers and their families.  We’ll provide farmworkers and their families essential services for their health, safety and well-being. If you are able to give, please consider a contribution today for Colorado Gives Day or anytime throughout the year to help us serve our members and the community that depends on them. We all depend upon each other.

Thank you to all the volunteers for supporting our  International Day of the Migrant 2022 and all our individual donors who support our mission and vision all year round.

Adopt a family (Gift) program sponsors:

  • Palisade Pickleball
  • Mutual Aid (Stephania Vasconez, Director)
  • Covenant Presbyterial Church
  • Mesa County Democratic Organization
  • Monument View Montessori Charter School ( Jordan Lovelace)
  • Joan Levy, Jeff Howard, Kelly Hass, Agustin Pantoja, Treva Houck. Fran Higgins, Jamie Portra, David and Melinda Tredway, Gordon Bosworth,Susan Woll. Norma Akright, Delia McLaughlin  and  Caroline Ely.

International Day of the Migrant

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