Tamales Update:  June 3 is our next production date! Order online for pickup in Palisade only


June 1, 2020: The good news is that CMS tamales will soon be available for purchase. Starting June 3, late in the afternoon, we will have pork, chicken and veggie (vegan) tamales for sale by the dozen. We also offer a combo pack of 6 pork and 6 chicken. Unfortunately (you knew this was coming) we’ll be making some changes and yes, increasing the price to $20 per dozen.

Pickup in Grand Junction is still unavailable until further notice.

We ask that customers use our online ordering to the greatest extent possible or call us at 970-464-5226 to order tamales and schedule a time to pick them up. We’ll also take cash payment or checks, but won’t be able to provide change for large bills. We don’t accept credit or debit cards at our office. 

We appreciate the help of the volunteers who will be assisting us with preparing tamales this month and implementing our new health and safety guidelines. We’ll require social distancing in the preparation and sale of the tamales.

Except on the day they are prepared, our tamales are available for purchase FROZEN by the dozen at the CMS Hospitality Center, 721 Peach Ave. in Palisade.

All varieties will now sell for $20 per dozen. We will soon enable our online sales!